Attorney Daqin (Deacon) Zhang has successfully represented hundreds of individual and corporate clients on a wide range of immigration matters, including EB1A, EB1B, EB1C, NIW, EB5, L1, H1B, O1, E2, TN, PERM Labor Certification and consular processing of immigrant visa.

Our clients are composed of four types:

Small and Medium-Size Companies, For Example:

  • An offshore engineering company in Houston with 400 employees, voted as the No. 1 most admired company in Texas

  • A non-profit organization in Washing D.C. with 30 staffs devoted to clean transportation research

  • An engine design company with headquarters in China and R&D branch in California

  • An automobile battery manufacturer in Missouri

  • An online distributor of flooring materials

  • EB5 regional centers for real estate development

  • EB5 regional centers for film making financing

Entrepreneurs and Business Persons, For Example:

  • A franchised motel owner and operator

  • A franchised chicken-wing restaurant owner and operator

  • A gas station owner and operator

  • A child care center owner

  • A shopping mall and real estate developer

Highly-Achieved Individuals in Sciences, Technologies, Arts and All Walks of Life, For Example:

  • A physically-challenged but spiritually inspiring performing artist from China

  • A Sichuan food cooking master

  • A jewelry designer from South Korea

  • An acupuncturist

  • An advertisement designer and branding specialist from Taiwan

  • A film maker form Taiwan

  • A pharmaceutical researcher holding 12 compound patents from India

  • A petroleum engineer from Iran

Universities / Research Institutes / Educational Institutes, For Example:

  • All major universities in California

  • All major universities in Texas

  • Several community colleges in Florida

  • Many research hospitals and Industrial R&D centers or divisions