About Us

We are a team with exceptional experience in handling employment-based and business-oriented immigration matters. We are deeply rooted in Southern California, but we serve a diverse clientele throughout the U.S. and the world in resolving their complex immigration matters. Our dedicated and attentive team has over a decade of experience in dealing with a wide variety of immigration issues and is intimately familiar with the challenges foreigners often face in pursuing the American Dream.

As manifested in our mission statement, we strive to handle our clients’ immigration matters with the utmost integrity, care, and professionalism. With a 95% approval rate and nearly a decade of experience in employment-based and business-oriented immigration issues, we are deeply committed to helping our clients obtain the best possible results every step of the way on their journey to achieving the American Dream. Four features distinguish us from other firms:

  1. Our exceptional legal credentials, extensive knowledge, and breadth of experience enable us to outmatch our major competitors’ services;

  2. Our contingent flat fees, free initial consultation, and encouragement of open client communication without ever getting charged are all ways in which we keep ourselves accountable to our clients and deliver the best possible results at lower costs;

  3. Our policies of promptness and diligence allow us to provide a personal, attentive, and strategized approach in our clients’ immigration matters; and,

  4. Our firm is by immigrants and for immigrants. We are committed to our clients’ successful immigration and, accordingly, provide all-encompassing services to our clients to ensure that we take care of our clients from start to completion.

Please feel free to explore our website and to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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