EB1A Approval for Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor/Researcher

Field: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Filing date: November 18, 2013
Approval date: June 30, 2014
Service Center: Texas Service Center
Processing time: 7 months

Dr. C came to Attorney Zhang with a unique case. As a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, she worked in a field unfamiliar to most immigration officers reviewing an EB1A case. Dr. C heard about Visatopia’s record of approval on many unconventional and challenging cases, and she decided to seek our help with her EB1A case.

Dr. C is a traditional Chinese medicine researcher, physician, and professor, who has researched on a treatment of cardiovascular diseases and elderly dementia. Our office carefully studied her achievements. We clearly and concisely described the significance and the originality of her research so that it could be easily understood. We also supported her contributions with objective records such as her 46 peer-reviewed journal articles and 18 manuscripts reviews for several leading Chinese journals in her field.  We highlighted her national awards and its significance in China and her role in several distinguished traditional Chinese medicine organizations and institutes in China. In short, we presented a clear and persuasive argument that Dr. C was a leading expert in her field with extraordinary abilities.

Due to the unconventional nature of the case, our office anticipated a possible request for additional evidence (RFE). However, we were pleasantly surprised when the USCIS approved Dr. C’s case without any RFE within a reasonable time frame.

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