EB1A Approval for Quantitative Analyst in 17 Days

Field: Quantitative analysis & statistics
Filing Date: October 26, 2013
Approval Date: November 12, 2013
Service Center: Texas Service Center
Processing Time: 17 days (5 days after premium processing upgrade)

Dr. X was a quantitative analyst with a Ph.D. in statistics working for a Fortune 500 company. Dr. X had unique credentials because Dr. X had impressive industry experience but limited research record. Dr. X applied statistics for financial modeling work, but Dr. X had a relatively low number of published articles in peer-reviewed journals. For Dr. X’s EB1A petition, we claimed his original business-related contributions to his field and industry, a leading and critical role at a Fortune 500 company, high remuneration compared to peers, and publication of 1 peer-reviewed journal article and 2 departmental papers that were collectively cited 121 times. Visatopia made the strongest argument tailored to Dr. X’s specific achievements and ensured that all claims in Dr. X’s petition package were essential, significant, and proper. Dr. X’s petition was approved only 5 days after the petition was upgraded to Premium Processing Services.

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