EB1A Approval for Postdoc Genetics Researcher in 6 days

Field: Molecular Genetics
Filing date: 11/2/2013
Approval date: 11/8/2013
Service Center: Nebraska Service Center
Processing time: 6 days (premium processing)

Dr. W was a previous client whose EB2 National Interest Waiver was approved through Attorney Zhang. Dr. W was not confident about EB1A chances but trusted our expertise. Based on previous experience, Dr. W believed that our office provided her with the best chance of EB1A approval.

Dr. W was a researcher in the field of molecular genetics and epigenetics of heritable human diseases. Dr. W published 22 peer-reviewed journal articles and reviewed 11 manuscripts for leading academic journals. Dr. W’s publications were cited 174 times. Despite Dr. W’s lack of substantial awards, Dr. W’s lack of membership in merit-based organizations, and no significant published materials about Dr. W in major publications or media, Visatopia highlighted Dr. W’s other achievements and ensured that Dr. W’s petition package was at its most probative when submitted.

Dr. W’s petition was filed under Premium Processing Services with the Nebraska Service Center. Because of the expedited nature of Premium Processing Services, reviewing immigration officers often request RFE’s. Moreover, the Nebraska Service Center is typically seen as a more difficult center from which to obtain approval than the Texas Service Center. Here, Dr. W approval was granted in astounding 6 days, before Dr. W and our office even received the receipt notice for the petition.

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