EB1A Approval for Master Martial Artist

Field: Martial Arts, Recreation Therapy
Filing Date: December 2, 2013
Approval Date: May 27, 2014
Service Center: Nebraska Service Center
Processing Time: 6 months

Mr. A is a master martial artist. He introduced his unique style of Tai Chi martial arts to North America, and he is the only North American successor of a famous Chinese Grandmaster. Mr. A is also a certified therapeutic recreation specialist with a master’s degree in recreation. Mr. A applied his extraordinary skills in Tai Chi as a recreation therapist in a hospital setting, particularly for treating elders and mentally ill. For his EB1A petition, we highlighted Mr.  A’s receipt of highly competitive awards in international martial arts competitions, his service as a judge of multiple martial arts competitions, and publication of 5 articles in internationally circulated martial arts trade journals. We also highlighted Mr. A’s other achievements and ensured that his package highlighted his extraordinary abilities compared to his peers through carefully selected expert letters.

Mr. A’s petition was filed with the Nebraska Service Center, which is typically seen as a more difficult center than the Texas Service Center. Without Premium Processing Service, Mr. A’s approval was granted in about 6 months.

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