Iranian Of Counsel – Shohreh Kananizadeh

Iranian Of Counsel – Shohreh Kananizadeh

Ms. Kananizadeh is working as an Of Counsel in Law Offices of Deacon Zheng, P.C. Irvine branch. She represents clients in a wide array of immigration matters, including employment-based and business-related immigration cases. Her current practice focuses primarily on National Interest Waivers EB2-NIW and Extraordinary Ability EB1A petitions, and permanent residence applications.

Attorney Kananizadeh was born and raised in Iran and has studied and worked both in Iran and United States. She received her first law degree in Tehran, Iran, where she served as Managing Attorney at Kananizadeh Law Firm and was a member of the editorial board of the International Bar Association Law Review. Later, she received Master of Law degree from Michigan State University College of Law. Following her graduation; she began working as a Legal Policy Advisor for American Iranian Council. Meanwhile, she had the honor of serving as Law Clerk for the Honorable Rosemarie Aquilina of the 30th Circuit Court.

Ms. Kananizadeh fluent in English and Farsi/Persian. She was a member of Iranian National Hockey Field. She enjoys dancing, cooking, and playing sport in her leisure time.

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