China Law Counsel – Cai Li

Cai Li was admitted to People’s Republic of China Bar. She received her Master degree in Law from Wuhan University after graduating with a LL.B. degree from Sun Yat-Sen University. Ms. Cai has engaged in legal work for more than 20 years and she handled about three thousand cases involving intellectual property, finance, real estate, disputes concerning foreign interests and so on. As a result, she gained a great deal of experience in dispute resolution and how to corporate with foreign companies.

As a former judge, Ms. Cai participated in the national research and promotion work of the Reform of Trial System of Intellectual Property Cases, known as “Unity of Three Traditional Trial”. Furthermore, some of the cases handled by Ms. Cai have been selected as the Top Ten Cases of Intellectual Property Trial in Guangdong and the First of Top Ten Trademark cases.

In recent years,Ms. Cai deals with plenty of litigation and non-litigation cases , and she also provides many enterprises with legal advice on asset acquisition, debt restructuring, transfer of equity and so on, winning the customer’s high degree of recognition.

In addition to a wealth of practical experience,  Ms. Cai also made fruitful achievements in theoretical research. Ms Cai starts to participate in the museum intellectual property management and protection work in 2016 and wrote several articles and essays. “The Copyright Issues in The Museum Exhibition Hall Construction Project Bidding was included in the “Museum of Intellectual Property Management and Protection Practice” compiled by Guangzhou Municipal Copyright Protection Center. Besides, “The Protection of Folk Literature and Art Derivative Works” , “Commentary of Yalan Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. v. Xu, Li Unfair Competition Dispute Case” and other articles were included in relevant books edited by Guangdong Bar Association. She also published“Evidence Preservation in Intellectual Property Litigation ”,“Empirical Analysis of a Commercial Confusion Case“, “Analysis of Trademark and Trade Name“ and other articles on provincial publications. Additionally, Constructing the Court Culture of Judicial Dawn” was included in The Theory and Practice of Court Culture Construction.

Ms. Cai has served as the China Law Counsel for the Law Offices of Deacon Zhang since February 2017.

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